College of Fashikom® Method Studies

The Fashikom method is suitable for anyone who deals with movement, contact, and rehabilitation of the movement system, and would like to deepen their capabilities and outcomes and specialize as a therapist for chronic movement pathologies and chronic pain associated with the movement system.

The method is suitable for the fields of medicine and paramedics: contact professions, pilates, fitness, hydrotherapy physiotherapists and more…strong

Method therapists allow themselves to develop financial independence by specializing in a sought after therapeutic field.

Watch: Tal Ziv and Daniel Frankel in an interview about the method Fasikom® – The Sports Channel

Fashikom® method

An innovative method for diagnosing and treating the human body’s motion system releasing movement restrictions and allowing space movement with as little effort as possible against gravity.

Suffering in pain and not going through? Doctors and therapists again? Again drugs and injections? Again frustration because there is no answer and you continue to suffer?

Why is there no effective response to chronic pathologies and pain?

There is no effective answer that the treatments are based on the assumption that the cause of pain is in the place of the pain, and the essential lack of attention to the emotional behavior patterns that manage our lives and the pain… (open the circle of pain).

The Fashikom® method is the solution for you

The Fashikom® method is accurate in providing an effective, accurate and exceptional response to what is really needed to treat chronic pathologies and pain.

If you want to beat and unleash the pain from the root and release it once and for all, I propose to queue 1 for diagnosis and treatment of the Fashikom® method in order to be exposed to the method and its capabilities.

You have nothing to lose… You have tried many methods already…. No?

Who is fit to use the Fashikom® method?

The specialization in the Fashikom® method is very suitable for anyone who deals with the paramedical areas of motion, contact, and rehabilitation of the human body’s system of movement:

Pilates teachers, fitness trainers, hydrotherapists, contact therapists and physical therapists and more…

Some of the basic principles of the method are:

  • The movement system always acts as one muscle, no partitioning.
  • The heart of the diagnosis is aimed at restoring a person’s ability to live comfortably with as little effort as possible in the face of gravity.
  • Retrieving movement memories from the subconscious through the release of the movement system allows components.
  • The emotional/behavioral/psychological (amorphous) participate with the physical more effectively in the internal healing process.
  • Understanding the fascia and its place and its functions in the human body complex and the movement system is key to directing the body to find self-healing ways.

Course Content:

High knowledge, understanding and practical ability in the principles of the Fashikom® method, the Trigger point therapy method, the fascia kinesiology, the human body movement mechanics, the therapist and patient psychologist, the therapist / patient relationship and high professional ethics.

Extensive knowledge of the function and behavior of the connective tissue system – the fascia, its function and importance in the overall rehabilitation system, knowledge of pain, behavior with pain, self-awareness, work with the healing mechanisms.

Build a treatment plan according to the Fashikom® method

In-depth knowledge and understanding of anatomy, extensive topographic anatomy, physiology and pathology of the single muscle, the principles of fascia treatment, medical massage, and posture and applied kinesiology.

Therapists, coaches and teachers!

Chronic pain management specialists in Israel are missing!

⇐ Let’s specialize in a very unique profession ⇒

⇐ Come to specialize in relieving chronic pain ⇒

⇐ Come to specialize in improving human body movement ⇒

⇐Let’s specialize in rehabilitation at the highest level ⇒

Learn how to set up a profitable clinic and enjoy a sought-after profession, rewarding and fulfilling work and even living in financial independence!

Recommendations of Orthopedic Movement Recovery Alumni

Loud light, fitness trainer and pain handler

… I came to the orthopedic movement rehabilitation course after much deliberation: Is it relevant to me as a fitness coach? Maybe I’m wasting my time and money? Already in the introductory class and certainly in the first class, I realized that I had made the right decision: Tal brings different knowledge and a different view of the world that I thought myself an expert in. … I came to the orthopedic movement rehabilitation course after much deliberation: Is it relevant to me as a fitness coach? Today I am a much wider fitness trainer with knowledge and understanding. In addition, I acquired another profession in which I am developing and amassing many successes in the treatment of pain and movement restrictions …

Ravit Lampel, director of the Orthopedic Movement Rehabilitation Center

…. As one who came from the world of fitness and posture and professionally managed gyms, ‘Orthopedic Movement Rehabilitation’ opened a huge door. I realized that I could help well beyond providing exercises and balanced work “as far as possible”, today that I can respond quickly and solve chronic pain problems for years. Following the process I went through during my studies, I opened the Orthopedic Movement Rehabilitation Center with management and there are already hundreds of satisfied patients. This method does wonders and ensures results not only for sports injuries but for the overall balance of the body. Orthopedic Movement Rehabilitation has opened up a whole world to me, thanks to dearest Ziv!

Phillip Gellert, Anatomy and Gym Teacher-High School Campus

….. I was privileged to attend a movement orthopedic rehabilitation course and get to know Tal Ziv, an amazing therapist, a pleasant person and a great knowledge in the field of care. The course presents the movement system holistically (shows a connection between the different areas of the body mechanically as well as the connection between the world of emotion and limitations in the movement system) Therefore, the tools provided in the course allow to diagnose and treat the limitations more precisely and thoroughly … The knowledge I gained in the course serves me in daily work Mine as a therapist, lecturer, and coach. Understanding the role of the fascia and trigger points can help any therapist to achieve surprising results (in the positive sense 🙂 and even find the mechanical reason for the chain of changes that cause great pain and suffering. Studies at Tal have completed one more important part of the complex puzzle of understanding the human body and its function …

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