Trigger point therapy course

The most comprehensive course for therapists in Israel

The course is part of the Fashikom® Therapist Training Course

Trigger point therapy is a treatment method that provides the most effective, effective and fast response to pain relief in the movement system. strong Over the past decade, it has grown greatly in the world of manual and medical care, and it has become the range of the place where the pain is addressed such as pain clinics and rehabilitation of hospitals, sports teams, contact therapies and more.

The course is very practical and includes extensive knowledge of the traffic system, topographic anatomy, and 140-point release (according to The book is quite a pain).

We will also learn to release the points in the ‘click assertiveness’ approach that includes everything needed for click accuracy while maintaining the highest human and professional values. This approach is the core technique of the Fashikom® method.

The method studies are suitable for practitioners in areas of movement, contact and rehabilitation such as: Pilates, fitness, massage, physical therapy, and more…

Upcoming Course Date: Tuesday – May 5, 2016, 10 4-Hour Meetings (4 PM – 8 PM)

The course is taught according to the book, the bestseller – “Enough of Pain,” and according to the principles of the Fashikom method.

In the course, 140 points are taught over 10 4-hour lessons.

Students learn topographic anatomy, principles and history of the method and especially are specialized in ‘click assertiveness’ – various pressing techniques and the rapid and accurate identification of the points in different body positions.

The course is very experiential and will lead you to senior integrative medicine practitioners.

What are Trigger Points?

Trigger Points are known to cause pain points. The points are the muscle design junction and therefore they manage the movement system. The points are the muscle design junction and therefore they manage the movement system. The treatment method is to click on the points in different ways, with the aim of immediately improving range of motion, significantly reducing pain.

Who is destined for?
The course is intended for all practitioners in the field of traffic rehabilitation. For qualified therapists, doctors, physiotherapists, trainers and movement teachers.

The course is part of the Fashikom training, but can be enrolled separately.

Prerequisites for the course: Previous knowledge in anatomy and physiology

Fashikom training course:
Sciences: Anatomy and Ceniziology of the fascia

Practical course: trigger points
Motion Diagnostics Course: Fashikom Method

* Each of the method components is taught in a separate and focused course. This method of study allows students to specialize in each of the components of the method and advance in the training process at a pace that is tailored to the student personally.

Fashikom® training course

Anatomy and kinesiology of the fascia

Practical course – Trigger point therapy

Motion Diagnosis– Fashikom® Method

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