Orthopedics – clinical specialization
(macro movement – Micro Motion) . strong,

Addressing the three recovery states – acute, subacute and rehabilitation
The Kinzio Typing KT 3-4 course is only for graduates of the Kinzio Typing KT 1-2 course.

You are invited to the Kinzio Typing KT 3-4 course where you will expand your knowledge and use of the method.

  • Come learn and experience the very special combination and learn how KT 1 + 2’s knowledge brings skin and tendons to a broad and practical understanding.
  • Let’s promote the ability to use the method of McKinsey Taiping (Kinesio taping therapy) and get the tools you’re looking for work.
  • Let’s ask all the questions you haven’t answered.
  • Let’s make this method a clinical anchor in your daily work.

What is the purpose of the Kinzio Typing KT 3-4 course?

Providing the answer to the three recovery states – acute, subacute and rehabilitation.

The nature, content and professionalism of the course allow for a more significant result in the speed of recovery of pathologies, in dealing with the intensities of pain during daily life and most importantly, in the quality of return to normal functioning on a daily basis.

What makes the course unique?

The balanced clinical extension between KT-1 and KT-2.

  • KT-1 receives a clinical facial treatment of movement pathologies in which the answer is directed through the use of all skin and all parts of the body to treat the shoulder, knee or palm, etc.…
  • KT-2 gets more extensive practical understanding following the use of KT-1 which translates into more productive use of the Mechanical correction families.
  • Multi-joint diagnosis and treatment that uses the entire system of movement.

See you in class,

Tal Ziv

Fashikom College
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