Professional, paramedical specialization

Addressing chronic movement pathologies of the movement system

Responding to chronic pain in the movement system

Studies Method Fasikom® provides deep knowledge and advanced multi-articular motion diagnosis of the motor system, knowing the response to all human movement is the most prominent and significant, which allows the body to cure diseases and to relieve the pain!

  • Multi-joint motion diagnosisFinding various traffic compensation phases
  • Release of movement of all joints in each treatmenta renewed organization of movement compensation back to normal
  • Pain ManagementProviding tools for changing pain management patterns in daily life strong

I invite you to come and specialize in a method that provides a correct, consequential and effective response through an integrated organization of body and mind… between the multi-joint movement of our bodies and the emotional system that manages the human movement

Course Date: Sunday – September 22, 2019, Morning Course 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

What specializes in the course:

Specialize in diagnosing the movement of the human body’s motion system.

Specialize in the release of movement muscles using the Trigger point therapy method, which is responsible for all human body movements.

Specialize in pain relief using the Trigger point therapy method that causes the brain to produce pain corresponding to the movement disruptions that happen in the movement system.

Specialize in changing the emotional behavior patterns with pain in daily practice, by directing the ‘inner speech’ / internal healing mechanism – the heart of the healing process.

The guideline for knowledge in the method is the knowledge/understanding that the movement system moves as one unit, as one muscle in space.

All parts of the movement system interact with each other, creating the wonderful synergy of the movement.

The leading is the purpose of the Fashikom® method

Relieving the pain sensation – the result of movement spacing!

In which pathologies and pain are the methods treated?
The treatments are good for everyone, and are tailored to their occupation and activities – from a computer man who sits for many hours, through rehabilitation injuries to amateur and professional athletes… from the first age, through the second and third…

Head: temporomandibular joint dysfunction, gnashing of teeth, headaches, dizziness, migraine, pain in the eyes and forehead, reading difficulties, tinnitus, deafness, vertigo …

Shoulder, elbow, and wrist: frozen shoulder, inflammation (flare) on the stock exchange, tennis elbow, golf elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome…

Neck and back: whiplash, disc brake, disc ballet, kyphosis, lordosis, spine scoliosis, sciatica…

Pelvic, hip, knee, and ankle: frozen hip, inflammation (inflammation) of the stock exchange, groin pain, hip joint pain, movement disorders, sports injuries, disorders, various pelvic syndromes, inflammation, Achilles tendon inflammation, Durus, Halos and Legos, Morton Narooma…

What is the content of the study?

• High knowledge, understanding, and high practical ability in Fashikom® methodology and building a treatment plan.

• Unique multi-system traffic diagnosis.

• Pathological rehabilitation in the movement system – carpal tunnel syndrome, Tennis elbow, Tendon patia, Whiplash and more…

• In-depth knowledge and understanding of anatomy, extensive topographic anatomy, movement system physiology, fascia treatment principles, and medical-massage.

• Knowledge of posture and applied kinesiology.

• Knowledge of pain, behavior with pain, self-awareness, working with healing mechanisms.

• Suggestions – changing the perception of the reality of pain in daily life.

Trigger point therapy method.

• The therapist, therapist and patient psychologist, therapist/patient relationship and high professional ethics.

The method and treatment are innovative – the results are unusual.

When registering for the course, you receive

  • The book Pretty Pain – The Trigger Point Therapy Self-Massage Guide
  • Course Booklet.


  • Graduates of the course continue to senior Fashikom® course.
  • A graduate who has completed the course and has not completed the course requirements will receive a certificate of participation in the course.
  • The course can be repeated again at no cost and based on free space.
  • The course meets the requirements of the Association of Massage Professionals in Israel.

General details of the course

Course Dates: 22/9/2019 – 4/24/2020

Course Times: Sunday Morning from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Duration: 3 0 5-hour sessions (280 NIS academic).

Lecturer: Tal Ziv CKTI FMD – developer of the Fashikom® method. Kinesio University International Faculty

The rehabilitation process works on the components of the movement as well as the emotional, on understanding the person’s place with his or her pain in daily life, and on providing guidance on how to proceed with the end of the treatment series.

Learning the method and its use will allow you to deepen professionalism and provide a more effective and accurate response to the pathologies and pains with which people come.

Recommendations for Fashikom® Alumni – Orthopedic Movement Rehabilitation

“… ..I was privileged to attend a movement orthopedic rehabilitation course and get to know Tal Ziv, an amazing therapist, a pleasant man and a great knowledge in the field of care.

The course presents the movement system holistically (showing a connection between the different areas of the body mechanically as well as the connection between the world of emotion and limitations in the movement system) Therefore, the tools provided in the course enable the diagnosis and treatment of the limitations more precisely and thoroughly …

The knowledge I gained in the course serves me in my day-to-day work as a therapist, lecturer and coach.

Understanding the role of the fascia and trigger points can help any therapist to achieve surprising results (in the positive sense) and even find the mechanical reason for the chain of changes that cause great pain and suffering.

Studies at Tal have completed one more important part of the complex puzzle of understanding the human body and its function …… ”
Phillip Gelpert, Anatomy and Gym Teacher-High School Campus

“… I want to thank you for the fascinating lessons with you. I incorporate the knowledge I gained (thanks to you!) Into the Pilates classes !!!

There are always people who come to me in pain and with one small click, see this wonder no more pain.

Many call me a “magician” because of you. “
With love from Ofra Musir, director of Pilates Studio Studio RGG – Go Active

“….As one turn that came from the world of fitness and posture and professionally managed gyms, Orthopedic Motion Restoration opened a huge door.

I realized that I could help well beyond providing exercises and balanced work “as far as possible”, today that I can respond quickly and solve chronic pain problems for years.

Following the process I went through during my studies, I opened the Orthopedic Movement Rehabilitation Center in Managing and there are already hundreds of satisfied patients.

Today, I no longer depend on another, and more than that, there are highly respected professionals who use my knowledge.

This method does wonders and ensures results not only for sports injuries but for the overall balance of the body.

Orthopedic Movement Rehabilitation has opened the world to me and in full thanks to you, dearest Ziv Tal! … “
Ravit Lampel, director of the Orthopedic Movement Rehabilitation Center

“… After my rehabilitation studies I moved to orthopedic training at Tal Ziv where I learned in depth the trigger point therapy technique and the understanding of the relationship between movement – no pain /// limit range of motion – there is pain.

The studies led me to assimilate and treat holistic approach and treat the whole body as one movement unit.

As you deal with the subject of fascia and soft tissue, you understand how much “movement” is beyond muscle contraction in straight movements and individual joints.

“Movement” is a continuous flow of the body’s metabolic complex per joint to each individual cell.

As a result, continuous flow produces “movement” throughout the body, and beyond a single joint.

Hence, as the flow is continuous and there are no restrictions, no pain! … “
Thank you very much Tal

Galit Birman, Director of the Movement, Movement and Rehabilitation Center – Kfar Saba.

“… I came to the orthopedic movement rehabilitation course after a lot of deliberation: Is it relevant to me as a fitness coach? Maybe I’m wasting my time and money?

Already in the introductory class and certainly in the first class, I realized that I had made the right decision: Tal brings different knowledge and a different view of the world that I thought myself an expert in.

… I came to the orthopedic movement rehabilitation course after much deliberation: Is it relevant to me as a fitness coach?

Today I am a much wider fitness trainer with knowledge and understanding.

In addition, I have acquired another profession in which I am developing and amassing many successes in the treatment of pain and movement restrictions … “
Loud light. Fitness trainer and pain handler.

Key to the Fashikom® method
Kinesio University
30 years of teaching and care

The Fashikom® method is a professional breakthrough and is evaluated for the treatment of movement pathologies and chronic pain of the human body’s movement system.

The Fashikom® method was awarded a trademark in 2013, following which the Fashikom® clinic was established to treat the method and the Fasicum® College of Teaching Method.

Chair of the Association of Massage Professions in Israel (2002-2007) and active partner in positioning the complementary medical status in the entire health system in Israel.

Partner, by virtue of his role, for writing the Union’s Code of Ethics, and as such served as an expert witness for this in courts that needed clarification on the field’s ethics.

In 2006, together with the insurance company – Phoenix, he signed and launched the first professional and dedicated insurance policy strong in Israel for complementary medicine.

Scientific editor of the Hebrew edition of the book “Pretty for Pain” (2005)– The Guide to Self-Pain Relief through Pain Relief Massage, according to the Trigger Points Therapy method.

Kinesio University International Faculty
Teaching Method Kinesio taping therapy in Israel from Dr. Kenzo Kasa (Inventor of the method) and on behalf of the KTAI – Kinesio taping association international
As of 2009

Professionally trained to work over 1,400 practitioners in Fashikom® Certification courses, Kinesio taping therapy and holistic massage. Graduates of the various courses include the various areas of rehabilitation, contact, and movement such as massage and contact therapists, fitness instructors, movement teachers, Pilates teachers, physical therapists and more.

Lecturer in professional lectures and workshops, professionals in Israel and abroad.

The highlight of the past few years is helping Daniel Frankel, Israel’s high-altitude skier, change her jumping foot so that she can compete in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Fashikom College
Fashikom Clinic
Fashikom® method