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Kinesio  University International

Treatment of motion pathologies and pain relief

Kinesio taping therapy course is designed for qualified practitioners in the fields of complementary medicine and medicine, Pilates, yoga, dance, fitness trainers, physical education teachers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, hydrotherapists, rehabilitation practitioners, etc.

The course is held today:

Wednesday – 17/4/2019 + Thursday 25/4/2019

9am – 5pm every day

The method improves the movement ability of the body and responds to pain.

– The connection between skin and emotion –

  • Kinzio Tape  works on the skin 24/7,  enabling the rehabilitation process to be designed.
  • McKinsey tape  tolerant , easy to use and very consequential.
  • Kinzio tape  does not contain any medical preparations .
  • Kinzio Tape  reduces skin tension and  normalizes it.
  • Kinzio Tape  affects all connective tissues  and organizes the mechanical balance.
  • Kinzio Tape  improves lymphatic  and blood flow.
  • Kinzio Tape  significantly improves joint stability .
  • Kinzio Tape  reduces pain .

– International Certificate –

Kinesio Typing Course Content:

  •  KT-1  – Method Theory, About the Fascia, About the Recorder Its Virtues, Abilities, Treatment of Movement Pathologies and Pain through the Release of Extensive Skin Areas – Macro Work.
  • KT-2 – Learning the 6 treatment families through which we respond to pathologies and pains through targeted and separate therapy from joints, ligaments, tendons, blood and lymph flow, movement functionality and the fascia system complex.
    You should come in comfortable clothing and wear sharp scissors.


Student Benefit:
Entering monthly data on the World Society website.


Only graduates of the course have the opportunity to advance to the advanced courses in which they expand their knowledge in various fields such as lymph, orthopedics, sports, geriatrics, children, pregnancy and more (3 + 4 KT courses).

Lecturer:  Tal Ziv  CKTI FMD

  • Key to the Fashikom® method.
  • Member of Kinesio University ‘s international teaching faculty  .
  • Certified teacher by Dr. Kenzo Casa, inventor and developer of the method.

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