Anatomy and kinesiology in the fascia mirror. According to the Fashikom® method

For practitioners in the fields of medicine, para-medicine, training, teaching, contact and rehabilitation of the movement system.

Let’s learn what’s going on under the skin, where the real movements are taking place …
Between muscle fiber and muscle fiber… between tendon and tendon, between bone and bone… between the right hand and left leg… between the neck and ankles and more.

Tal brings joy to studying and teaches how to see the components of anatomy and movement in innovative angles, which deepens the understanding of how the movement system works locally and in space. Discover the hidden knowledge about the traffic system combined with the known knowledge.


Course Deadlines: 3/9/2019 – 3/12/2019

Course Content:

  • In this course we will study the movements between the joints and the joints and between body parts and body parts and in the existing mechanical and mechanical context between all areas of the body that affect the entirety of our existence, our health and our personal and social well-being.
  • We will learn to diagnose the local and multi-system traffic respectively.
  • We will learn dozens of muscles, about their movement and their functions… and learn how to identify any more movements they make…
  • We will learn about mechanical motion, motion in space, movement context, muscle-to-muscle, joint-to-joint, body-to-body part, strength muscles, lever muscle and more.
  • We will mobilize the traffic planes, the diagonal movement, the different body parts, Apt Ppt, Lpt into one movement comprehension complex.
  • We will recognize movement behaviors that are not commonly used in the manual, training, and therapeutic world but are essential to understanding the multi-systemic movement.
  • We will break down myths in understanding the behavior of the movement system on its known and accepted components such as: pseudo or pyriformis, whether muscle is strong or weak … we will learn what the concept means – no stomach … and more. And more.

Course Deadlines: 3/9/2019 – 3/12/2019

– 10 5-hour sessions (60 NIS academic).

The course takes place on Tuesdays, 16:00 – 21:00

1. The course serves as the knowledge base for studying the Fashikom® method.

2. The course serves as a knowledge base for Kinesio taping therapy.

3. Recommended book for purchase: The trail guide to the body.

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