About Tal Ziv

Takes care of the Fashikom® method that he initiated and developed after 30 years of experience in thousands of contact and rehabilitation treatments within the fields of complementary, orthopedic, and psychiatric medicine.

Established  Fashikom® College  where he teaches the method and the Fashikom® Clinic where he teaches the   method.

Member of Kinesio University’s international teaching faculty for teaching the Kinesio taping therapy method  by  Dr. Kenzo Casa  (inventor) and by   the –  KTAI – Kinesio taping international association

Working Experience

  • He served as chair of the Association of Massage Professions in Israel (2002-2007)  and was an active partner in positioning the complementary medical status in the overall health system in Israel. Also, by virtue of his role, he was a partner in the writing of the Union’s Code of Ethics and also served as an expert witness in court.
  • In recent years, Daniel Frankel, Israel’s high-altitude skier, has been helping to organize her jumping patterns as part of her preparations for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. 
  • Authorized Signature of the Bureau of Complementary Health Professions in Israel , and as such, together with the Phoenix Company , signed the   first professional and dedicated insurance policy in Israel for complementary medical fields. 2006.
  • Scientific Value of the Hebrew Edition of the  book  ” Pretty Pain ” – The Guide to Self-Pain Relief Using Massage Pain  Trigger Points Therapy
  • During his years of work he trained over  1100 therapists, of whom 400 were in the Fashikom® method.  Graduates include various areas of rehabilitation, touch and movement such as: massage and contact therapists, fitness instructors, movement teachers, Pilates teachers, physical therapists and more.
  • Cared for and cared for  many thousands of patients throughout his years of work.
  • Conducts  professional lectures and workshops to enrich professionals in Israel and abroad.
  • Also handles the methods: Tom myers – Anatomy train and kinesiology / one brain 
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