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Fascia Kinesiology – One muscle Movement Concept

Fashikom® method is a professional and valued breakthrough for treating chronic movement pathologies and chronic pain.


Fashikom's® movement diagnosis is based Singularity on the ability to pinpointing specific muscles, which preserve the pathology disorder and the chronic pain in every joint in the body.Finding them and regaining range of motion, changes immediately the pathology's behavior and drives the will of life towards homeostasis. 

method restore miraculasly the patiant's self confidence in his movement ability, leading to recovery.

method understands that blood circulation in the body is the the most important healing key in our body.

method suggests drastic pain perception changes as a crucial healing key in the daily behavior.

method states that our body always function now And so are it's therapeutic results!!! The understanding that our existential default and our health are based on the movement of our bodies, has given rise to an extraordinary combination that gives expression and a great effect to all components of existence, towards healing.

method treatment is based on the diagnosis of human body movement, finding the reasons for the difficulties of movement, and returning them to normal functioning at exceptional speed and efficiency.

method treatment combines in a fundamental, deep and unequivocal manner the understanding of the emotional / behavioral / psychological patterns of behavior that manage the chronic pain throughout our life, with the clear understanding that healing is administered in the brain.


The treatment and philosophy are based on:


  • Excitation of the natural healing mechanism of the body.


  • Stopping chronic processes.


  • Reducing pain by regaining muscles normal functioning.


  • Regaining optimal range of motion in the joints because of muscles releases.


  • Using Trigger point therapy to release the muscles.


  • Using Trigger point therapy to diminish pain.


  • Restoring movement patterns for daily behavior.


  • Diagnosis of movement malfunction of the human body to examine pathology / pain in the entire movement system.


  • Using kinesio taping therapy for healing continuity between treatments.


  • Expertise in the use of the Kinesio taping therapy method in which the human body complex is returned to its ability to move as one unit in space.


  • Expertise in the use of Myofascial release method to release fascia tissue – tendons, ligaments, skin, etc.


  • Using Conceptual suggestions to change pain perception in the daily behavior.


  • Advising how to continue living with out pain.


  • Learning self-massage technique – for life without back pain.

Which pathologies are treated in Fashikom® method?

As a rule, every pathology in the human body, regardless of which system, is expressed as a failure in the movement system as well as any changes in the emotional and psychological state of the person.

Therefore, it is always possible to provide healing responses in any human pathology.


Neck pain, whiplash, lower back / upper / disc herniation / ballet disc, frozen shoulder, wrist, leg and leg pain, joint pain, neck and jaw pain , Chronic fatigue, sports / tennis elbow injuries, post-accident rehabilitation, mental stress, quality of life, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, and more …


Fashikom® method goal is To enable the patient to Regain self confidence and trust back in his/her body. Self confidence and trust are the healing fuel that will preserve the treatment success for longer periods of life.



Fashikom® method developer


  • Tal (55) has been an integrative practitioner for 30 years, combining both western and holistic medicine.


  • Tal chaired for the Israeli Association of Massage Professions. 2002-2007


  • Tal scientifically edited the Hebrew edition of The trigger point therapy work book. 2005


  • Tal has trained more than 1,400 therapists, 450 of them using the Fashikom method. Graduates of the method include rehabilitation, movement, massage and touch therapists, fitness instructors, movement teachers, Pilates teachers, physical therapists and more.


  • Tal is a certified Kinesio taping therapy instructor (CKTI) since 2009, and a member of Kinesio University – international faculty. His certification is approved by the KTAI and by Dr. kenzo kase, Kinesio taping therapy developer.


  • Tal handles every four years for Jewish athletes and athletes who come to the Maccabiah games.


  • In the past three and a half years, Tal has been treating Daniel Frenkel, the Israeli holding record in high jump, and assisting her to fulfill her dream and compete in the next Olympics in Tokio 2020.


  • Tal's experience in treating movement pathologies and pain relief, started with self injuries he experienced as a professional football player. He had underwent many treatments through his career which helped him to deepen his understanding of injuries and recovery processes.


  • Tal always looked for more efficient ways to improve his results which led to the development of Fashikom method.


  • Understanding the connective tissue (fascia) behavior in the human body was significant to the process.


  • Tal's unique comprehension is based on the understanding that Trigger points are functioning as subconscious stimulators for managing body's movement patterns.


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