Fashikom® College was established to teach Fashicom® in Israel. The method was developed by Tal Ziv as a response to movement pathologies and chronic pain associated with the human body’s movement system.

The method integrates and integrates different medicine, thus enabling an integrated and winning response where both the physical and the behavioral / emotional components are directed together for the overall healing.

Every person on earth knows that man works in combination between body and mind!

The Fashikom method speaks this language – body language and mind.

The Fashikom method speaks the Western language of the anatomy and kinesiology of the motion system.

The Fashikom method speaks the language of emotion that governs movement existence.

The Fashikom method realizes the knowledge that the body and mind work together and the existing cohesion in the method gives immediate results.

The method allows anyone who deals with it to be treated through the movement healing mechanism whose language is only multi-systemic, multi-joint and multi-emotional.

The philosophical method holds that:

  • The human body moves in space as one unit, with one muscle in which all of its parts work together and in full synchronization in order to move equilibrium against gravitational forces.
  • There is never a movement separation between the parts of the movement system.
  • Every healing process is always multi-systemic – multi-joint and multi-emotional.
  • The movement system is the most important system of all – from the macroscopic propulsion of blood flow to the complexity of body movement in space.

Academic studies at the highest level and suitable for anyone who deals with movement, contact and rehabilitation of the movement system.

College Courses:

  • Fashikom®

  • Senior Fashikom®
  • Anatomy and kinesiology in the fascia mirror
  • Trigger point Therapy
  • Kinesio taping Therapy
  • Myofascial release Therapy

College Workshops:

  • Myotrigger
  • Oblique motion
  • Kinesiology in the fascia mirror
  • Relieves chronic pain
  • shoulder
  • In the stomach
  • upper limb
  • Lower limb
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